Thursday, 20 February 2014

OpenMSC Beta Version for Release Candidate 0.2 Available

After a one month testing phase, OpenMSC has received various bug fixes and a re-implementation of how OpenMSC determines the starting time of each UE.

Instead of using a fixed cycle window in which each UE will follow the MSC once if the Bernoulli distribution gave a positive response, each UE follows the same distribution but completely independent from any cycle window. With release version 0.2 currently available, the user can select from the following list of implemented distributions:
  • Gaussian
  • Exponential
  • Linear
  • Gamma / Erlang
  • Uniform (real) / Uniform (integer)
Note, as this change affects the characteristic of the data stream, Version 0.1 received its own SVN tag 0.1 so that users can check-out this version of OpenMSC straight away. However, for testing/bug fixing purposes the SVN tag 0.2 will only become available if version 0.3 is on the way.
Speaking of the next version, it can be expected that OpenMSC receives a noise generator which produces uncorrelated EventIDs on top of the EventIDs representing the MSC.